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20 Carr Road, Mt Roskill
Auckland, New Zealand
PO Box 27-555, Mt Roskill
Auckland 1440.
Ph: +64 9 624 1115
Fax: +64 9 624 1110

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Fax: +64 3 348 2376

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New Zealand's leading bathroom products supplier

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MacDonald Industries Limited is New Zealand's leading commercial bathroom specialists for all your requirements for education, medical, public, sport stadiums, prisons, offices, airports, industrial and all other commercial buildings.  Our industry supplier partners include:

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The ability to provide elegant yet robust bathroom fittings is vital in the long term viability of the commercial bathroom.  For so long, what have been regarded as residential products, have been used in commercial projects without a long term view of maintenance.  Unlike in the home, the commercial bathroom is often the only part of the building the public actually get to use. Products must therefore;

  • look good
  • be reliable
  • have strong support from the supplier for long term maintenance
  • environmentally friendly
  • cost effective

It is with this in mind that MacDonald Industries Ltd choose their supplier partners.

Please note that all details of technical specifications, designs, materials and appearance were accurate at the time of "going live". However, these can change from time to time so please consult your local sales representative for the latest information.