Delabie Tempomatic Mix 4 Electronic Mixer
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DELABIE DE493406 is a wall-mounted electronic basin mixer with recessed water inlets. The very clever wall connection allows for connection to hot water and cold water pipes easily. Power can be either 230/6V mains power or 6V Lithium battery power (see models). The solenoid valve and tap body has low water stagnation for reduced risk of water–borne bacteria development. Flow rate is factory set at 3L/min @ 300kPa water pressure, can be adjusted from 1.5 – 6L/min. The scale resistant flow straightener also reduces the risk of water-borne bacteria developing at the taps outlet.

Delabie electronic taps come pre-programmed with Duty Flush which flushes the stagnant water for ~60 seconds every 24 hours after last use. Activation is by infrared presence detection of a user’s hands with the sensor at the end of the spout that optimises detection.

Finished in chrome plated brass body with end cap fixed in place by 2x concealed screws for removal of sensor (essential for battery powered models). Anti-blockage feature prevents tampering with the sensor. Temperature selector on the side with an adjustable maximum temperature limited as standard. Available in two spout lengths with the outlet L.160mm or L.220mm.