Delabie TMV3 20mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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The Delabie TMV model DO8022 is designed to provide a stable mixed water temperature for sanitary fixtures located within 5m of the mixer. DO8022 TMV has been approved to the UK TMV3 scheme where the valve will initiate a complete shut off of hot water (drip free) in the event of cold water failure. It is thus ideal serving up to four basin taps where a high degree of security from scalding is imperative. i.e. Hospitals, agedcare and childcare facilities. DO8022 TMV should be used as a Point of Discharge mixer and installed no more than 5m from the fixtures it serves. To meet TMV3 requirements high risk applications require the mixer to be installed within 2m from point of discharge. Provided the valve is installed in accordance with the installation instructions, DO8022 will hold the set temperature within ± 2oC irrespective of pressure, flow or temperature fluctuations or in the event of cold water failure, will completely shut down. The unique “L” pattern design allows for easier retrofit installation. 


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