Franke Medi-flo Washbasin
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The Franke FR-MEDI-FLO is a new hand hygiene washbasin that infuses water with ozone on demand. Ozone is an extremely effective oxidizer, it is twice as effective as bleach and kills bacteria 3,000 times faster. Ozonated water is not effective bottled or stored so after approximately 20 minutes it breaks down to its independent oxygen and water states. Ozone is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The Medi-flo washbasin helps prevent the growth of biofilms in the waste with every use and no matter the technique of hand washing or soap used, the ozonated water will drastically improve the effectiveness of hand washing.

The blue LED illuminates the water stream helping guide the placement of hands for washing and helps prevent splashing.

Other control features include; a post wash cycle of 3 seconds which ensures all soap residue has been washed down the sink, and a user defined ozonation cycle to help keep the drain and trap free of CPOs & other pathogens. 

Medi-flo washbasin are specifically designed for hand washing only. They are not recommended as a drinking source, for washing utensils or for draining of medical bags or bedpans. We recommend a minimum TDS 
(water conductivity) of 200; therefore, do not use with water which is de-ionized or has been treated using reverse osmosis. 

Left rear 1-1/2” waste location to prevent water from splashing directly into the waste. Integrated centre rib greatly reduce splashing.

IR controls, powered by a 24VDC 2.5A plug in transformer trigger an illuminated crystal clear true laminar flow water stream delivering water with dissolved ozone and other mixed oxidants on demand. 

Flow rate is 5L/min.