Jrgumat Mixing Valve
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JRGumat thermoblending valves are primarily designed to provide mixed water for a circulation loop plumbing design. The loop design is used where plumbing fixtures requiring hot or mixed water are long distances from the heating source.

By pumping the water around a loop in the building, fittings can draw from a hot water source close to the outlet, thus reducing the need to wait for hot water to come through pipes. This can be a major energy saving.

Circulation loops must be reticulated at not less than 60 deg C unless a method of disinfecting pipes can be used. This is to prevent Legionella bacteria growth in pipes, which can occur in temperatures between 25 and 50 deg C. Higher temperatures will kill the bacteria, however other methods of disinfection such as UV or high temperature shocks can be used and the water circulated at lower temperatures suitable for point of discharge fittings.

Altenatively reticulate at 60 deg C and use point of discharge thermostatic mixers to ensure safe water temperatures.