Date: July 04, 2018
Franke Medi-flo Washbasin Helps Combat Healthcare-Acquired Infectious Diseases

Franke Medi-flo is a cutting-edge hospital sink that dispenses ozonated water to improve the effectiveness of hand washing while keeping the sink waste clear of harmful biofilms.​

With a concept never before seen in healthcare, Medi-flo integrates cutting-edge technology with clever, functional design. Franke’s goal was two-fold: to inhibit the formation of bio-films on the sink and in the waste trap, and to improve the results of hand washing, regardless of technique used.


Medi-flo infuses water with mixed oxidants such as ozone, one of the worlds most powerful disinfectants.

  • Ozone is twice as effective as bleach and kills bacteria 3,000 times faster
  • Ozone safely helps prevent biofilms in the waste with every use, while improving effectiveness of hand hygiene
  • Medi-flo’s ozonated water is non-toxic and reverts back to oxygen and water within 20 minutes
  • All curved surfaces prevent pooling of water
  • Integral centre rib helps prevent splashing
  • Infrared controls ensures hands are in the optimum place for washing and splash containment

Revolutionary Laminar Flow

  • Medi-flo’s true laminar water flow (all turbulence removed from within the water stream) envelopes the user’s hands, rather than splashing
  • Laminar flow transmits light like a fibre-optic cable. This is used to create a stunning blue water effect when it contacts a surface
  • An infrared sensor will automatically trigger a three second post-wash cycle to help keep sink and trap clean

Sleek Design

  • Gently contoured features on the Medi-flo invoke a residential feel
  • The robust miranit basin material is a non-porous, easy clean, artificial stone with a premium, chemical resistant gel coat
  • The shroud also conceals the plumbing fixtures, adding to the design aesthetic

For more information please watch this short video or contact MacDonald Industries.