Date: May 18, 2018
Introducing the Delabie Electronic Urinal Valve in Waterproof Housing

A recent winner at the German Design Awards for its design and functionality, the new Delabie Recessed Tempomatic 4 Electronic Urinal Valve combines efficiency and hygiene in a waterproof recessed housing.

Waterproof Housing
The unique first fix installation housing ensures a totally waterproof installation. In the event of leaks from any of the fittings, water will not remain behind the wall causing damage, but will run to the outside of the face wall, where it will be visible.

Improved Water Savings and Hygiene
Thanks to it’s optimised flow rate and timed flow, the Tempomatic 4 rinse provides just the necessary flush volume and therefore, the best compromise between water consumption and efficiency. The Tempomatic 4 recessed urinal valve rinses automatically after each user leaves. No manual contact prevents the spread of germs by hands and the hygienic duty flush prevents bacteria proliferation and the problem of blockages in the pipework.

Easy to Install and Maintain
The stylish design is easy to install, with multiple installation options for the housing.  The electronics are integrated directly behind the wall plate, and the solenoid valve, the filter, and stopcock are all accessible from the front by simply removing the wall plate to gain access. This ensures the unit requires minimal servicing and is easy to maintain.

Combining design and functionality, the compact and discreet wall plate is available in bright polished, satin or white finish. The materials used to make the Tempomatic 4 are 100% recyclable.

For more information download the tech data sheet attached below or please contact Andrew Chaney 0274 750 012.