Date: April 24, 2019
MacDonald Industries bathroom products  specified for Aotea Centre refurbishment

Aotea Centre, Auckland’s performing arts and events hub,has recently undergone a phased refurbishment. The interior and exterior transformation is the first major refurbishment for the Aotea Centre in 28 years.

The interior refurbishment will house specialised rehearsal and performance spaces for music, drama and dance, state-of-the-art digital recording facilities, and office and retail areas. Attracting world-class performances, events and exhibitions to Auckland, as well as being an inspiring hub for performers and patrons.

MacDonald Industries worked with S&T Architects to specify bathroom supplies for the refurbished bathrooms.

“The fittings were selected based on visual and functional requirements to provide a unique user experience. We wanted to complement the crisp, minimal aesthetic of the refurbishment, as well as to meet the hygiene and durability needs of a civic building, all whilst being cost-effective.” S&T Architects

MacDonald Industries bathroom products have been specifically designed for commercial environments. Ensuring timeless design, reliability, water and energy savings, comfort and ergonomics, safety, hygiene and ease of maintenance.