Sirrus TS1850 Thermostatic Dual Control Shower Mixer
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Sirrus TS1850 is a thermostatic shower mixer with dual control for both temperature and flow. Inlets are 15mm compression attached to flat face unions with built - in service isolation valves for simple installation and ease of maintenance.  Outlet can be top or bottom connections with 1/2" BSP blanking plug and adaptor supplied.  Inlets fitted with check valves and removable filters.  A brass wall outlet elbow with 1/2" BSP connections is supplied with all concealed models. Minimum pressure of 10kPa will provide 10.5 litres per minute on open outlet.  Maximum static pressure is 10 bar. This high performance shower operates with every type of plumbing system, from a 1 metre head tank fed supply to the latest high pressure un-vented water systems including combination boilers.  Using the flow limiters supplied they are suitable for gas water heaters and unbalanced pressures. Thermostatic control is in the range of 15 oC - 50 oC and the maximum hot water inlet temperature should not exceed 80C.  Each valve is factory set to a maximum setting of 43 oC but can be adjusted on installation. The ergonomically designed control knob with a useful lever thumb locator operates the on/off flow of water and sequential control of temperature from zero to No9, maximum factory setting of 43 oC. The sensitive wax capsule will shut down the operation of the valve if either the hot or cold water supply fails, provided a minimum differential of 10 oC exists between the mixed water temperature and the remaining supply. 


CONTACT: Andrew Chaney
PHONE: 0274750012