Watts Trubert 20mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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Watts Trubert MMV is a compact thermostatic mixing valve designed to supply general purpose applications with tempered water not exceeding a set temperature. Ideal for multi-facility applications : Domestic homes, schools, restaurants, laboratories, motorway services, commercial buildings… anywhere needing a supply of water at a temperature pre-set on site.

Pressure at the valve inlets must be within the 5:1 ratio under flow conditions. The size and layout of pipework and in-line fittings must take this into consideration. Optimum performance achieved with equal pressure. Temperature : accurate to within 1,5°C of chosen temperature (with balanced dynamic pressure). Head loss under dynamic pressure at the mixer inlets is shown by the curve. Maximum static pressure : 10 bar. Operating pressure : 0,2 to 5 bar. Hot temperature supply : 52* - 85°C, *differential minimum hot/mix temperature must be 10°C. Cold temperature supply : 5 - 20°C. Temperature setting range : 30 to 65°C. Factory temperature setting 38°C. Flow rate at 3 bar : 57 l/min. Flow mini : 5 l/min. Body strength : 25 bar.


• Handwheel with set positions (graduated scale Min to Max - 5 setting positions) or click cover cap
• Locking cap preventing the end user from adjusting the temperature
• DZR Brass body
• Fitted with 2 check valves
• Can be installed in any position
• Nickel plated finish 


CONTACT: Andrew Chaney
PHONE: 0274750012
EMAIL: andrew@macdonaldindustries.co.nz