Date: April 25, 2022
Homeground |  Auckland

Project: HomeGround, Auckland City Mission - Te Tāpui Atawhai
Sector: Apartments, medical treatment centre, detoxification facilities, communal spaces, café, pharmacy
Location: 140 Hobson Street, Auckland
Client: Auckland City Mission - Te Tāpui Atawhai
Architect: Stevens Lawson Architects
Building Contractor: Built Environs
Plumbing Contractor: Pipewise Plumbing
Project complete: Feb 2022
Value: $110m

HomeGround is the new building of Auckland City Mission, Te Tāpui Atawhai. This purpose-built space is a thriving central city community hub offering a wide range of services and facilities for people in desperate need. This beautiful new space included 80 permanent apartment homes for people sleeping rough, a shared rooftop garden, community spaces, multi-disciplinary health centre and state of the art addiction withdrawal services facilities. “What that means is for individuals who have suffered traumas in the past and are still carrying them, there’s a spaciousness, there’s a light and there’s a gentleness to the tones that enables them to experience a sense of safety and belonging.” Jacqui Dillon, GM – Health and Social Services, Auckland City Mission

MacDonald Industries are proud to have been involved with this project and supplied Franke high security basins and toilets and Delabie water controls for the 30 patient rooms in medical detox unit. Sanitaryware for mental health environments can be a challenge, and require specially designed products that are robust yet designed to look homelike, providing dignity for patients. MacDonald Industries Technical Consultants worked closely with the architect and main contractors to deliver this specialist bathroom solution and were available for ongoing technical support.

Franke High Security
The Franke High Security DVS safe en-suite range is ligature resistant and virtually unbreakable creating a safe solution within medical environments. The toilets and basins are manufactured from GRP (glass reinforced polyester), which is cost-effective, vandal-resistant, and completely shatterproof. The surface of the product is a high-grade polyester gel coat specifically formulated for use with sanitaryware. GRP provides a more domestic and familiar feel to the room creating a more therapeutic environment for those requiring an inpatient stay.

The toilets have a concealed rear waste outlet and large trap design in order to reduce blockages if a user attempted to flush prohibited materials. Basins include a built in spout and are fitted with Delabie vandal resistant through wall water controls. Pressing the button initiates a 15 second run time, and will then automatically stop. This will greatly reduce water wastage as the flow controls cannot be left to continnually run.

Products supplied for Homeground:
Delabie Sequential Mechanical Basin Mixer - DE2436 (11 supplied)
Delabie Through Wall Timed Flow Control Valve - MS-747-DV
Franke High Security Toilet - DV-VR01-010 (8 supplied)
Franke High Security Integrated Basin - DV-VR01-031 (8 supplied)
Franke High Security Accessible Toilet - DV-VR01-011 (2 supplied)
Franke Solid Surface Accessible Toilet Extension Box - DV-VR01-012 (1 taken)
Franke Mounting Bracket to Suit Franke High Security Toilet - DV-VR01-UBB (1 taken)

MacDonald Industries friendly technical consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing bathroom solutions for mental health facilities. Please feel free to get in touch if you require advice or product support.