Delabie single lever mixer taps are suitable for washbasins, sinks and troughs. All Delabie mixers are supplied with a pre-set maximum hot water temperature limiter so that the user cannot increase the temperature above the maximum, reducing the risk of scalding (see our Thermostatic mixer taps for anti-scald taps). Bioclip by Delabie is a revolutionary mixer that allows the tap or spout to be removed allowing for disinfection/descaling to remove the Biofilm and bacteria. Every day hospitals & healthcare facilities fight against the development and transmission of diseases including Legionella and Pseudomomas Aeruginosa infections. But with Bioclip, there is a simple and efficient solution to minimise the risk of bacterial development with both preventive & curative levels. Delabie offer many solutions to help fight against Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI's), there is a tap to suit all applications.