Date: March 09, 2022
Tokoroa Public Toilets

Project: New Tokoroa public toilets
Sector: Town Plaza
Location: Leith Place, Tokoroa, New Zealand
Client: Waikato District Council
Architect: DCA Architects Rotorua
Project complete: March 2022

As part of the Leith Place upgrade, local council wanted to create a plaza area for visitors and locals to use, incorporate the existing Talking Poles into a forest, build new toilets and create a wow factor to attract passing traffic off the highway.
Leith Place toilets were designed by DCA Architects and were uniquely designed to represent the Southern Cross constellation, as a symbol of the different ethnicities and cultures that have used this navigation tool throughout history. Five individual toilet cylinders vary in height from seven to nine metres and consist of a stand-alone and enclosed toilet at the base. The cylinders are joined by a covered walkway.

MacDonald Industries were thrilled to work on this project with DCA Architects and supplied a variety of bathroom fittings such as Franke Stainless Steel Toilets and Basins and Delabie Time flow taps.

MacDonald Industries understands the importance of incorporating durable, vandal resistant, low-maintenance and water efficient products into public bathroom designs as well as ensuring a timeless design.

Leith Place toilets have been awarded the Waikato/BoP New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) award and a regional award from Architectural Design New Zealand (ADNZ) as well as being judged the country’s finest public bathroom by iconic Kiwi charity Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap

The unisex toilet cylinders incorporates a select range of Delabie Time Flow Taps. Two of the main project requirements for MacDonald Industries was to ensure a high standard of hygiene as well as manage water waste.

Taps left running can be an expensive waste of water and money in a public bathroom. An effective way of dealing with this issue is to install Delabie timed flow taps which offer maximum water saving by shutting off automatically after 7 seconds, which is the necessary minimum for wetting and rinsing. Automatic touch-free shut-off also reduces hand cross contamination risk.

Delabie taps are specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism in public bathrooms. They are made from brass and fitted with shock-resistant mechanisms and reinforced fixings.

Delabie Timeflow Taps are WELS rated 6 star water efficiency.

Franke Stainless Steel

Each toilet cylinders featured a Franke Stainless Steel Toilet Pan and Franke Basin. Bathroom fixtures made of stainless steel are an excellent choice for high volume traffic areas that are subject to considerable wear and tear. Stainless steel has many benefits including its durability and hard-wearing properties, along with it being easy to maintain, making stainless steel fittings economical over the lifetime of the building.

Franke stainless steel fittings are formed from larger sheets of metal meaning surfaces have fewer nooks and imperfections in which to support bacteria and they are also easier to maintain by cleaners.

Stainless steel products can be integrated easily as stylish accents into almost any bathroom environment.

Franke back to wall toilet pans were specified, they are an excellent deterrent to vandalism because the cistern is concealed and protected behind the wall. Maintenance is easy when you remove the metal flush plate on the wall and have full plumbing access. Franke Stainless Steel Accessible Toilet Suite was chosen for the accessible toilet due to its additional height support. Often known as comfort height, this feature assists users along with a suitably located grab bar.

Products supplied for Tokoroa Public Bathrooms:
Delabie Tempomix 2 Time Flow Basin Mixer Lever Operated - DE700 400
Delabie Tempostop Time Flow Basin Tap - DE745 100
Franke Stainless Steel Oval-A Wash Basin With Shroud - FR-OVALA-ACC
Franke Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Toilet Pan - FRFM4
Franke Stainless Steel Accessible Toilet Suite - FRFM5-300VP with FRSB
Zurn Floor Mounted Mop Sink - Z1996-24
Zurn Sink Faucet For Cleaners Sink - Z-SF

MacDonald Industries friendly technical consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing public bathrooms. Please feel free to get in touch if you require advice or product support.