Delabie Anti-Bacterial Biofil Spout
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Water, essential for hygiene, can also be a source of infection if it’s quality is not controlled. The proliferation of bacteria (Legionella spp., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc) in water supply or in mixers and taps may cause serious infections, especially for vulnerable people. Control of this health risk is a major and ongoing concern for those responsible for buildings. Monitoring the bacteriological quality of water in sanitary facilities in healthcare installations is essential. More recently the need to monitor water quality has extended beyond hospitals and care homes, and applies more widely to all public buildings. Each BIOFIL filter incorporates a hollow fibre membrance with a water filtration threshold of 0.2 micron absolute-rated. They deliver water free from microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, particles in water systems etc.), without changing its chemical composition. They provide total protection against waterborne infection.

This model DE20040 is designed to fit into any Delabie mixer or tap with Bioclip spout.