Easy to install: simple to install wall-mounted, exposed installation, exposed inlets, concealed inlets

Aesthetic: replaces exposed installations, wide panel, covers the traces of previous installations, high-end finishes (stainless steel, aluminium), sleek design

Resistant to vandalism: durable and resistant materials, thick aluminium, thick stainless steel, 10-year warranty, fixings are reinforced and concealed, chrome-plated solid brass shower head, ligature-resistant shower head, nowhere to hold on to

80% water savings: standard shower - 60 litres / DELABIE shower - 12 litres

Anti-scalding safety: cold water supply failure, on thermostatic versions the water shuts off instantly, adjustable temperature limiter

Comfort: stable temperatures - Hygiene: operates without contact, flushes every 24 hours after the last use, reduces bacterial development

A complete range: operates electronically, timed shut-off system, thermostatic operation, sequential thermostatic operation, timed shut-off system (pre-mixed water), choice of shower heads (handset and fixed shower head, fixed shower head, handset)

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