Delabie Tempomatic 4 Electronic Wall Tap
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Delabie Tempomatic 4 wall-mounted electronic basin tap, battery-operated with integrated 123 6V Lithium batteries. Reduced-stagnation solenoid valve and electronic unit integrated into the body of the tap. Flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar, can be adjusted from 1.4 - 6 lpm. Scale-resistant flow straightener. Duty flush (~60 seconds every 24 hours after last use). Active infrared presence detection, sensor at the end of the spout optimises detection. Chrome-plated stainless steel body L. 190mm. Cap fixed in place by 2 concealed screws. Installation for panels from 1 - 24mm. Anti-blocking security. Stopcock supplied. Also suitable for people with reduced mobility.

We recommend installing a thermostatic mixing valve (see Water Tempering section) such as the Delabie Nano for 1-2 basin taps, or Delabie Premix Compact for 2-7 taps.