KWC DVS Toilet Inwall Mounting Bracket
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The DV-VR01-UWB is a heavy duty inwall mounted bracket designed to securely fix the DV-VR01-010 or DV-VR01-011 security WC’s where there is no direct duct space behind the WC to allow for conventional through wall mounting.
The frame is fixed to wall framing using the coach screws supplied prior to wall lining. All water and waste connections have suitable penetrations through the bracket. 

Final connections should be completed once wall lining is finished, therefore it is imperative that a suitable access panel be installed above the toilet. We recommend ZA-HD-SP 345 x 450 stainless steel access panels be installed. Variations on ZA panels allow for mounting Zurn valve push buttons or Piezo switches for use with Warden electronics. Refer to separate literature to ensure correct access panel is specified.