Scalemaster Electrolytic Gold Scale Inhibitor
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Limescale inhibitors (sometimes called physical water conditioners or physical water treatment devices) is a term generally used to describe products that are designed to prevent lime-scale build-up on cylinder elements and/or heat exchange surfaces in boilers when hard water is heated.

Scalemaster® Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by adding a small trace of zinc to the water. This has the effect of suppressing limescale formation by bonding to the dissolved calcium ions
which then require more energy for precipitation. Any micro-crystals which form are then washed away by the water flow rather than adhering to element/heat-exchanger surfaces.

Laboratory research has shown a relationship between the amount of zinc dissolved and the reduction in limescale precipitation achieved, Scalemaster® Electrolytic Limescale Inhibitors incorporate patented technology to boost the supply of zinc. In independent tests, application of the Scalemaster® electrolytic technology typically extends boiler life by 50% in hard water areas by preventing limescale precipitation.

Connected into pipework in the plant room or entry point of the building.