Scalemaster Magnetic Gold Scale Inhibitor
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Limescale inhibitors (sometimes called physical water conditioners or physical water treatment devices) is a term generally used to describe products that are designed to prevent lime-scale build-up on cylinder elements and/or heat exchange surfaces in boilers when hard water is heated.

Scalemaster® Magnetic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by influencing the type (crystal structure) of the limescale precipitated. Laboratory research has shown that the growth of limescale crystals is affected by the application of the magnetic field causing more ‘needle-like’ aragonite crystals to be formed (which find it harder to stick to heat-exchange surfaces) than the normal calcite (which forms harder surface deposits).

Simple connection into existing or new pipework.

Only recommended for use on indivdual appliances (hot water cyclinders etc). Install just after cylinder stop cock.