Warden WA5 Cell Fixture Control System
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Warden WA5 is primarily a cell water control product, providing limitation of use for showers, WC flushing and basin faucets.

Warden controllers use reliable piezo electric switch technology to activate low voltage solenoid valves and not only limit flow rates to plumbing fixtures but also restrict how often they can be used.

Warden WA5 is a new generation Warden control system, developed from the ground up to have the potential to not only control water usage but also to become a power and lighting distribution system. With WA5, the consultant can specifiy single cell water only control, two cell water only control, single cell power/lighting/water control and two cell power/lighting/water control.

Any of these system is capable of being connected to Warden's standalone High Level Interface (HLI) giving the staff the ability to isolate water, power and light separately or as one, to each or all of the cells under their control.

See the PDF document fpr more details on Warden WA5.