Watts Eurotherm Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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Watts Eurotherm TRL117 is a thermostatic mixing valve designed to supply sinks and washbasins with tempered water not exceeding the set temperature (up to 5 washbasins depending on tap flow rate). This mixer is ideal for schools, restaurants, laboratories,, offices, correctional, etc...anywhere needing a supply of water at a pre-set temperature on site. Hot water supply cut totally and immediately is cold water supply is interupted.


  • Cartridge can be removed and replaced (for easier scale removal and disinfection)
  • Integral approved check-valves (withstanding temperatures above 90ºC)
  • Hot water flush: simply remove the protective cover and turn cartridge to maximum hot position to allow hot water to circulate (kills bacteria above 60ºC)


  • Easy to replace modular adjustment mechanism
  • Brass body and polypropylene protective cover secured by a hexagonal socket screw
  • Temperature set by installer or building owner
  • Fitted with non-return valves in HW & CW inlets
  • One F1/2" outlet
  • Baseplate drilled for wall mounting
  • Maximum pressure 1,000kPa
  • Maximum temperature 85ºC
  • Setting range from 15 to 50ºC
  • Maximum flow rate: 42L/min at 300kPa