Watts Eurotherm TX91E 20mm Themostatic Mixing Valve
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Watts Eurotherm thermostatic mixing valves are for community installations such as swimming pools, sports centres, schools, factories, camping sites, hospitals, spas, etc. which allow controlling and holding of the mixed water temperature at a constant level also in the presence of variations in pressure (max. 1.5 bar). Brass body. Cover with grey epoxy finish and blue graduated knob (Type E). Chrome-plated cover with white graduated knob (Type C). Anti-seize mechanism with filters and check valves. Bimetal steel strip coated with rilsan to protect against scale formation. Temperature setting range: 30-70 °C with provision for locking. Anti-scald protection : water shut off in less than 2 seconds in the event of cold water missing. Max. operating pressure : 10 bar. Max. hot water temperature : 85°C. Flow rates guaranteed with upstream dynamic pressure : 3 bar Hot water inlet provided on the left, mixed water outlet at the top. Min. difference in inlet/outlet temperature : 5°C 

Flow rate: 3 - 56L/min


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Ashleigh Brunner
+64 9 624 1115