Wilkins Double Check Valve Assembly 350 Series 20-50mm
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The Wilkins model 350 double check valve assembly with its revolutionary removable pressure vessel, is designed to protect against backpressure and backsiphonage of polluted water into the potable water supply. In addition to the removable pressure vessel, the 350 series offers low head loss, short lay length and top mounted test cocks resulting in superior valve box installation flexibility. The removable pressure vessel allows for the most rapid repair of any valve in the Backflow Preventer marketplace.  The blow-out, flush fitting great simplifies start-up flushing and winterisation blow-outs (where needed). The 350 is designed for applications where a health hazard does not exist and is suitable for use in residential, commercial, industrial and irrigation applications where a double check assembly is called for.


  • Available 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50mm.
  • Short lay length - fits smaller valve box.
  • Top access to test cocks and shut off valves and check assembly - easy to test.
  • Entire pressure vessel is removable to facilitate check access for cleaning or repair.
  • Test cocks are provided wth threaded caps.
  • Easy to winterise by removing pressure vessel between shut-off valves.
  • Plastic pressure vessel is a theft deterrent (no metal value).
  • Removable pressure vessel eliminates the need of union connections.
  • Blow out flush fitting allows system flush and irrigation system blow-outs.
  • Simple design - composite housing and check modules resist corrosion.