Wilkins Freeze Prevention Valve
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The Wilkins model W14-ZWFR freeze prevention valve is ideal for regions where occasional / unexpected freezes occur, yet winterisation (blow-out) is not common. This is a hassle free, simple mechanical operating principle that requires no periodic maintenance. Corrosion resistant, rugged bronze body.

Ideally suited for double check (DCV) and reduced pressure assemblies (RPZ), vacuum breakers, and detector assemblies on large backflow products.

Because the inlet port is 1/4" MPT it can install on all major brands of backflow preventers, not just Wilkins. Compact size and shape allow for ease of installation. Can be installed without system drain or shut-down.

Typical installation of the W14-ZWFR should be installed on the downstream test cock or downstream attached piping of any backflow device installed above ground where freezing is a concern.

Note that if the W14-ZWFR is installed on a test cock, the test cock must be left in the open position to allow the W14-ZWFR to function properly. The device is best suited to be installed in the vertical down position, but may also be installed at any orientation up to horizontal ranging from side (horizontal) to down. Orientations above horizontal may cause an ice dam during operation and impair valve function. The deivce is not intended to replace the standard winterisation (blow-off valve).

Warning: Under freezing conditions the model W14-ZWFR will discharge water from the outlet port. Provisions must be made to ensure that discharge will not damage surrounding property or equipment.

The model W14-ZWFR senses water temperature and opens at 1.6°C to discharge near freezing water from the backflow device and draw warmer supply water through the valve. The model W14-ZWFR closes when the water temperature reaches 4.4ºC.