Zurn Wilkins Water Hammer Arrester
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The Zurn water hammer arrester is ideal for use where Lead-Free* fittings are required. Designed to protect residential, commercial and industrial water lines during pressure surges following quick valve closure. This excessive pressure surge is absorbed by the pre-charged cushion of air permanently sealed within the water hammer arrester. The water hammer arrester may be installed within a stud bay without the need for an access panel.

Features and benefits include;

  • Reduces pipe banging caused by water hammer
  • All copper and brass external construction
  • Air chamber is permanently sealed
  • Low-lead law compliant

Maximum transient pressure surge, with arrester properly sized and placed in the water supply system, will not rise above 150 psi (1,050kPa) following quick valve closure. Maximum static pressure: 250 psi (1,720kPa). For best performance, static line pressure should not exceed 80 psi (550kPa); contact the factory for proper sizing if static pressure is greater. Max spike pressure 400 psi (2,750kPa). Nitrogen preload 60 PSI (415kPa).

For available models, please see the technical data sheet in the MODELS tab.