Date: September 30, 2021
Central Energy Trust Arena | Palmerston North

Project: Extensive upgrade
Sector: Stadium
Location: 61 Pascal Street, Palmerston North
Client: Palmerston North City Council
Architect: CPRW
Plumber: AC Plumbing & Gasfitting
Plumbing Supplies: Chesters Plumbing Palmerston North
Project Timeline: Mid 2021

The Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North is New Zealand’s largest multi-purpose sporting complex hosting over 3000 events a year and attracted more than 400,000 visitors each year. The upgrade of the arena will enable more events and bigger events, which will create and sustain jobs, providing a significant boost to the local community.

The $17 million upgrade included all-weather sports field, a new entrance plaza, pedestrian bridge, speedway pits and embankment. The new bathroom block on the south bank has been designed as the foundations for a new grandstand to seat 1610 people.

MacDonald Industries were engaged to supply bathrooms solutions for the stadium and worked closely with CPRW Architects to select appropriate products for every aspect of the bathroom.

Stadium bathroom design can be a challenge due to the high volume of traffic they get within really short periods of time. This is why it’s vital that these bathrooms are fitted with fixtures that are extremely durable and also well designed to cater to everyones needs.

Delabie Time Flow Tap

60 Delabie Time Flow Taps were specified for bathrooms. Time flow taps have been specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism, which is common in stadiums. The taps are made from brass and fitted with shock-resistant mechanisms. Streamlined design also discourages attempts at vandalism. Delabie time flow taps offer maximum water saving by shutting off automatically after approximately 7 seconds which is the necessary minimum for wetting and rinsing. Time flow taps operate completely autonomously with no need for an electrical supply.


The RAK Venice Urinal was specified for your men’s bathroom. This modern urinal is a great choice for stadium bathrooms, made from vitreous china with a white finish, means it not only looks great, but is durable too. It is easy to install and requires minimum of maintenance. It has smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain optimum hygiene which is so important in stadium bathrooms. For added modesty, the RAK Series urinal partitions were also mounted between the wall hung urinals. With no need for extra walls or heavy construction, this simple and modern looking partition can be easily mounted on to a wall of any kind.

The RAK Resort Rimless Toilet Pan was also installed in both the mens and womens bathrooms. The toilet pan combines aesthetics and practicality in a modern way while its compact form uses space economically. It comes with Rimless technology which delivers the ultimate in hygienic bathroom solutions. With no ledges or rims where bacteria and limescale normally hide, flushed water is able to reach all parts of the pan to ensure it’s completely clean. 

Zurn Toilet Flush Valves and Access Panels

MacDonald Industries specified Zurn Concealed Flush Valves and Zurn Access Panels for all toilets. Zurn flush valves and pipework were installed in the plumbing duct (false wall) behind the toilet pan and a remote hydraulic push button was mounted on the wall directly above the toilet pan. This vandal proof access panel not only provides protection to the Zurn flush valve from vandalism, it also gives complete service access to the valves and pipework.

KWC Franke

Franke Stainless Steel Wash Troughs, Wall Guards and Shelves were specified for CETA. KWC Franke stainless steel has many benefits including its durability and hardwearing properties, along with it being easy to clean and highly rust resistant.

Wash troughs offer a space-saving and cost-effective alternative to individual handwashing basins. Each trough can accommodate multiple users at a time, this removes the need to buy lots of individual sinks. They are also less time-consuming to install and require less maintenance as each trough requires just one waste fitting, one trap and one pipe connection.

Accessible Bathrooms

It is important that less able stadium visitors can maintain their independence at the CETA stadium which is why two accessible bathrooms were included in the upgrade. MacDonald Industries technical consultants have a thorough understanding of the requirements of accessible bathrooms and specified RAK Toilets and Basins, Delabie Back Rests, MacDonald Grab Rails, and Delabie Taps all of which meet NZS4121 standards.

Products supplied for Central Energy Trust Arena:
Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap - DE740000 (60 Taken)
Delabie Premix Compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve - DE733020 (6 Taken)
Delabie Tempostop 2 Time Flow Basin Tap Lever Operated - DE702400 (2 Taken)
Delabie Premix ‘Nano’ Thermostatic Mixing Valve - DE732116 (40 Taken)
Delabie Back Rest - DE510629 (4 Taken)
Delabie Tempomatic 4 Electronic Urinal Valve
Franke Stainless Steel Cleaners Sink - FRCSH-WG (1 Taken)
Franke Planox Stainless Steel Washtrough - FR-PL30T (12 Taken)
Franke Planox Stainless Steel Wall Guard 3000mm - FR-PL30SB P (12 Taken)
Franke Rodan Recessed Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser And Waste Bin - FR-RODX602E 
RAK Resort Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Pan - RAK RA-RE1124P (62 Taken)
RAK Summit Wall Hung Basin and Shroud - RA-SU2111HP50 (4 Taken)
RAK Compact Accessible Wall Faced Toilet Pan - RA-CO1144P (4 Taken)
RAK Venice Wall Hung Urinal RA-VE3200 
Zurn Sink Faucet For Cleaners Sink - Z-SF (1 Taken)
Zurn Toilet Flush Valve and Basin Valve Set to suit Franke Combi - ZH-6152XL-P (4 Taken)
Zurn Recess Mounted Sluice Sink Flush Valve - Zurn ZH-6152XL-M (62 Taken)

If you’d like to discuss your stadium bathroom project please give us a call and one of our technical consultants will be able to help you.