Delabie Tempomatic 4 Electronic Urinal Valve
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DELABIE Tempomatic 4 electronic urinal valve is an intelligent solution for flushing individual urinals. It is supplied in 2 parts: a 1st fix inwall valve housing that is installed before wall lining, and a 2nd fix electronic sensor. The inwall valve has a waterproof recessed housing that can be cut to suit the wall thickness ensuring a perfect seal. Any leaks within the valve housing are contained and guaranteed not to spill into the wall cavity.

Options of 230V AC mains supply or battery operation and available with 145 x 145mm polished stainless steel, or satin stainless steel, sensor plate.

Delabie has developed an intelligent urinal valve that is able to detect high-frequency periods and adapts its rinsing accordingly. Shockproof infrared presence detector. Activates after 10 seconds of presence. 3 programmes (rinsing volume can be set according to urinal type). Hygienic duty flush, every 12 hr, 24 hr (or Off) after the last use. Flow rate pre-set at 0.15 l/sec., can be adjusted.

Each valve must be installed with either the DE752430 or DE757430 flush tube depending on the style of urinal to be installed. Refer Tech Data sheet.

See models for the power supply and finish required for your building.