Date: March 16, 2022
Hamilton Netball Centre | Hamilton

Project: Extensive upgrade
Sector: Sports facility
Location: 6 Moore Street Hamilton 3200
Client: Hamilton City Council
Architect: Peddlethorp
Project Complete: March 2021
Project cost: $3M

For over 30 years Hamilton City Netball Centre has been located at Minogue Park in Forest Lake, Hamilton. Providing netball to 5500+ members from primary school age through to adults. In season over 270 games of netball are played over 5 days each week on 21 courts.

Hamilton Netball Centre secured $3M of external funding from Trust Waikato for improvements to the Minogue Park netball courts’ playing surface. Part of the funding went towards refurbishment of the toilets, changing rooms and storage to meet the needs of the netball community who regularly use the facility.

MacDonald Industries were pleased to be involved with this project, supplying a wide selection of fixtures that have been specifically designed for busy sporting facilities.

When you have bathrooms hit by a sudden rush of players and cheering crowds on a regular basis you are going to need bathroom fixtures that are robust, reliable, hygienic and easy to clean while offering maximum water and energy savings.

MacDonald Industries supplied ASI Accessories, Franke Basins, Delabie Taps and Showers, MacDonald Grab Bars, RAK Basins and Toilets and Zurn Shower Mixers.

Franke Quadro Solid Surface Basins

Franke Quadro Wash Basins have been developed for the most challenging environments and are ideal for heavily used public bathrooms like sports facilities.
Made from Miranit composite, a shatter-proof, resin-bonded mineral granite. Cast in a single mould without joints making the finished product durable, hygienic and easy to maintain. There are no joints and no need for mastic seals where bacteria would normally flourish.

RAK Toilets and Basins

MacDonald Industries supplied 19 RAK Resort Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Pans for the main cubicles. Rimless pans have no ledge or rim so germs cannot harbor, while also being easy to clean with no hidden spaces to be reached. Uniform water distribution flows vertically and horizontally over the whole surface giving the highest standard of hygiene at first flush.

The clean and modern design of the RAK toilets and basins make them compatible with a wide range of other public bathrooms fittings in this sports facility.

RAK Urinal
Urinals are a very popular choice for busy public bathrooms as they require less space and are much easier to maintain. MacDonald Industries supplied 4 RAK Venice Urinals in the men’s bathroom. This compact urinal is made from vitreous china and not only looks great but is also highly durable. Each urinal was supplied with a Delabie Tempomatic 4 Urinal Valve. The urinal valve includes a hygienic duty flush which automatically flushes 24 hours after the last use (can be adjusted to 12 hours or off), which prevents bacterial proliferation and keeps the pipework cleaner so the trap doesn’t dry out.

Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap

Taps left running can be an expensive waste of water and money in a public bathroom. An effective way of dealing with this issue is to install Delabie time flow taps which offer maximum water saving by shutting off automatically after 7 seconds, the necessary minimum for wetting and rinsing.

Other features also include soft touch operation which allow users to press the control with no effort making them suitable for all people in the community from children to the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Delabie taps are specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism in public bathrooms. They are made from brass and fitted with shock-resistant mechanisms and reinforced fixings. The streamlined design also discourages attempts at vandalism. MacDonald Industries supplied 15 Time Flow Basin Taps for the refurbishment of the bathroom block.

Accessible Bathrooms

Specifying the right products for accessible bathrooms is an important decision. MacDonald Industries technical consultants were able to recommend products that were safe, functional and meet NZS4121 standards. MIL supplied RAK Accessible Toilets and Basins, Delabie Backrests, MacDonald Grab Bar, ASI Shower Seats.

Products supplied for Hamilton Netball Centre:
ASI Surface Mounted Jumbo Double Toilet Roll Dispenser - AS0040 (17 supplied)
ASI Heavy Duty Utility Hook - AS1306 (6 supplied)
ASI Roval Glass Mirror - AS20650 (5 supplied)
ASI Surface Mounted Double Toilet Roll Dispenser - AS74022-HSSM (x5 supplied)
ASI Fold Up Shower Seat - AS8203M-NZ (1 supplied)
Franke Quadro Washbasin - FR-ANMW421 (6 supplied)
Delabie Basin/Sink Mixer With Retracting Hand Spray - DE2597 (2 supplied)
Delabie Soap Dispenser - DE510580 (15 supplied)
Delabie Back Rest - DE510629 (3 supplied)
Delabie Tempostop 2 Time Flow Basin Tap - DE702301 (2 supplied)
Delabie Tempostop 2 Time Flow Basin Tap Lever Operated - DE702400 AB (3 supplied)
Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap - DE740000 (12 supplied)
Delabie Sporting 2 Shower Panel - DE714700 (6 supplied)
Delabie Tempomatic 4 Electronic Urinal Valve - DE430SBOX/430010 (4 supplied)
MacDonald CleanSeal® 90° Grab Rail - BE-BT5/90 (4 supplied)
MacDonald Corner Shower Track Kit - BE-STM160A (2 supplied)
MacDonald Chrome Plated Bottle Trap - SA-BT32C (2 supplied)
MacDonald Polyethylene Horizontal Baby Change Table
RAK Compact Accessible Wall Faced Toilet Pan - RA-CO1145 (3 supplied)
RAK Lena Child Wall Hung Basin - RA-LE2110 (2 supplied)
RAK Resort Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Pan  RA-RE1124P (19 supplied)
RAK Venice Wall Hung Urinal - RA-VE3200 (4 supplied)
Zurn Sensor Flush Valve - ZH-6152XL-M-ZA (19 supplied)
Zurn Temp Guard 3 Shower Mixer - Z7300 (1 supplied)

MacDonald Industries friendly technical consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge designing sports facility bathrooms. Please feel free to get in touch if you require advice or product support.

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