Date: November 01, 2021
Selwyn Domain Public Bathrooms | Mission Bay

Project: Refurbished toilet and shower facilities
Sector: Public domain
Location: Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland
Client: Auckland Council
Architect: Make Architecture
Main contractor: Citycare 
Plumbing: Liquid Lines Plumbing
Project complete: July 2021

Selwyn Domain is a large popular park situated on the seafront at Mission Bay. With lots of well-established trees around the park it is the perfect spot for recreational activity and picnicing. The park includes a playground, car parks, fitness equipment, seating and picnic tables, fountain, barbecues, toilets and changing room facilities.
Auckland Council recently upgraded the brick toilets and changing room facilities which was first built in 1934. The historic building has had many redesigns and upgrades over the years but the exterior has remained much the same.

The toilets and changing room facilities are open to the public all year round and has extremely high traffic particularly in the summer months. Being metres from the beach means it gets exposed to sea, sand and sun in all seasons. This requires bathroom fixtures to be extremely robust, durable and vandal resistant as well as the usual requirements of being easy to install and maintain.

MacDonald Industries Technical Consultant Zaina Ali explains, “This type of facility demands a commercial grade specification, it is a high-use public space and traditional fittings simply will not perform or last.”

KWC Franke Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Toilet Pans and Urinals

KWC Franke vandal resistant stainless steel toilet pans and urinals were specified for this job. Stainless steel has significant advantages when compared to other materials such as being durable and hard-wearing while being aesthetically pleasing.

Wisa concealed cisterns were supplied along side the toilet pans. They are an excellent deterrent to vandalism because all the mechanical components are protected behind the wall. Only the MacDonald Industries stainless steel face plate with vandal resistant flush mounted buttons are exposed on the wall.

Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap

Taps left running can be an expensive waste of water and money in public bathrooms. An effective way of dealing with this issue is to install Delabie timed flow taps, which offer maximum water saving by shutting off automatically after 7 seconds, the necessary minimum time for wetting and rinsing.

Other features also include soft touch operation which allow users to press the control with no effort making them suitable for all people in the community from children to the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Delabie taps are specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism in public bathrooms. They are made from brass and fitted with shock-resistant mechanisms and reinforced fixings. The streamlined design also discourages attempts at vandalism. 

Accessible Bathrooms

Accessible bathroom products installed in the Mission Bay Accessible Bathrooms included Delabie Backrests, MacDonald Grab Bars, KWC Franke Basins and Toilets. MacDonald Industries technical consultants have a thorough understanding of the requirements of accessible bathrooms and were able to advise which products meet NZS4121 standards while also being suitable for high use bathrooms.

Products supplied for Selwyn Domain Public Bathrooms:
Delabie Tempostop 2 Time Flow Basin Tap Lever Operated - DE702 400 (Taken 2)
Delabie Tempomatic 4 Electronic Urinal Valve - DE430 000-SET (Taken 4)
Delabie Temposoft Time Flow Basin Tap - DE740 000 (Taken 6)
Delabie Outlet Connection Tube for Ceramic Urinals - DE752430 (Taken 4)
Franke Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Toilet Pan - FRWM2 (Taken 11)
Franke Stainless Steel Accessible Toilet Suite - FRFM5-300VP (Taken 2)
Franke Double Flap Toilet Seat - FRSB (Taken 11)
Franke Stainless Steel Pod Urinal - FR-CMPX538 (Taken 4)
Franke Stainless Steel Oval-A Wash Basin With Shroud - FROVALA-ACC (Taken 6)
ASI Surface Mounted Double Toilet Roll Dispenser with Hood - AS74022 HSSM (Taken 2)
ASI Surface Mounted Jumbo Single Toilet Roll Dispenser - AS0042 (Taken 11)
Wisa Vandal Resistant Inwall Cistern with Heavy Duty Face Plate - WS2701-VP (Taken 11)
MacDonald Rest-Ezy Toilet Back Rest - BE-BT35 (Taken 2)
MacDonald Polyethylene Vertical Baby Change Table - BR100-EV (Taken 2)

MacDonald Industries friendly technical consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing public bathrooms. Please feel free to get in touch if you require advice or product support.