Date: July 07, 2021
Western Springs Stadium |  Auckland

Project: New Bathroom Block
Sector: Public Stadium
Location: Stadium Road, Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand
Client: Regional Facilities Auckland - Auckland Council
Architect: Warren and Mahoney
Building Contractor: Argon Construction
Plumber: Macmillan Plumbing
Project complete: April 2021

Western Springs Stadium is Auckland’s largest outdoor concert venue. Just 3 kilometres from downtown Auckland, the natural amphitheatre Western Springs hosts crowds up to 55,000 for concerts, festivals and sports events.

Part of the Western Spring redevelopment included a new toilet block. MacDonald Industries technical consultants worked alongside Warren and Mahoney Architects to specify a complete bathroom solution for this project.

Good bathroom facilities at stadiums is now expected and it is vital that the correct products are selected and fit for purpose.

The design considerations for this stadium bathroom included:
- functionality during short term intensive use
- durability given periodic use
- anti-vandal features
- minimising water stagnation during non-use
- budget management

Delabie Time Flow Taps

Among the products specified were Delabie Time Flow Taps which have been specifically designed to withstand intensive use and vandalism. They are made from brass and fitted with shock-resistant mechanisms and reinforced fixings. The streamlined design also discourages attempts at vandalism.

Taps left running can be an expensive waste of water and money and is a common problem in stadium bathrooms. Delabie Time Flow Taps offer an effective way of dealing with this issue by automatically shutting off after 7 seconds once the push button has been pressed and valve opened.

ASI Liquid Soap Dispenser

To withstand the rigours of frequent use, refilling and cleaning, MacDonald Industries recommended ASI stainless steel soap dispensers which are extremely robust and reliable. They are also easily refilled by the tamper-resistant hinged refill door which is opened with a special key.

Franke Stainless Steel

Franke stainless steel has many benefits including its durability and hardwearing properties, along with it being easy to clean and highly rust resistant. While stainless steel is not fully stain-proof, it is much more resistant to staining, corrosion, and rust than chrome. Stainless steel accessories are often formed from larger sheets of metal meaning, surfaces have fewer nooks and imperfections in which to support bacteria and they are also easier to maintain by cleaners. Unlike plastic accessories it is possible to “buff” stainless steel when the time for bathroom upgrades come around, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Zurn Flush Valve and Button Plate

Zurn concealed toilet flushing valves were also installed and are an excellent deterrent to vandalism because all the mechanical components are protected behind the wall and only the metal button plate is exposed. Maintenance is easy, just remove the plate on the wall and you have full access. To conserve water MacDonald Industries recommended the dual flush button plate achieving a 3 Star WELS rating.

Products supplied for Western Springs Stadium:
Zurn Dual Flush Valve - ZDF-6152XL
Zurn Dual Flush Access Panel - ZDF-PA-SP
Delabie Temposoft 2 Time Flow Bib Tap - DE741 550
ASI Liquid Soap Dispenser - AS0345
Franke Stainless Steel Cleaners Sink - FRCS
Zurn Sink Faucet For Cleaners Sink - Z-SF
RAK Compact 500 Wall Hung Basin - RA-CO210050

MacDonald Industries friendly technical consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing public bathrooms. Please feel free to get in touch if you require advice or product support.