Zurn Dual Flush Valve
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Zurn ZDF6152-XL is a recess mounted toilet flush valve designed to be connected to mains pressure water supply. It is also available as a non potable valve where water is supplied from a dedicated supply tank or from a pressurized recycled water feed. The 2 button plate allows the user the option of flushing 3 or 6L. Flush volumes are consistent irrespective of pressure variations. The product is specified in 2 parts: the inwall valve is common to all versions - ref ZDF6152XL (L). The customer must then chose the type of face plate based on the Tech Data sheet (see Downloads)

Correct pipe sizing is essential to flush valve installation. All mains pressure flush valves (ZDF-6152XL) require flow rates of 90l/min at dynamic pressures of 150 - 500kPa. Valves fed from a non-potable source  are available (ZDF-6152L) but restricted to a dynamic pressure of 100 - 150kPa. All pipework should be designed by a suitably qualified person to ensure correct flow rates and pressures are available. Stated pressures are dynamic, not static.