RAK Individual Electronic Urinal Sensor
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The RAK electronic urinal flush sensor is designed to flush individual wall hung urinals with a measured flush irrespective of line pressure. The RAK sensor detects a users presence over a set time period. When the user steps away from the urinal, a flush will occur. When usage interval is more than 1 minute a pre-flush occurs but when the usage interval is less than 1 minute this feature is automatically turned off to maximise the water efficiency. An automatic self-cleaning flush occurs 24 hours after the last flush to avoid the urinal trap drying up.

The sensor plates are available in either battery powered 6V DC or 240V AC mains powered formats and in a range of finishes to suit customer preference. All maintenance access is via the sensor plate. Battery power lasts about 2 years based on an average of 4,000 flushing cycles per month. The RAK urinal flush sensor is supplied complete as a kit which includes the inwall valve, battery pack, and sensor plate. The inwall valve body requires a minimum wall cavity of 85mm.