Solo Electronic Dual Flush Valve
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MacDonald SOLO-DFXL is a recess mounted dual flush mains pressure flush valve designed to connect to WC pans that are 6/3L capable. This will enable a 3 Star WELS rating for the WC. SOLO-DFXL is a plumber only installed, low voltage electronic controller capable of fitting within a minimum 94mm wall cavity. The valve is supplied with a 450 x 325 access panel to which 2 x touch sensitive piezo switches are mounted. Concealed fixing for the panel allows for a secure and unobtrusive cover plate. Pressing a switch will enable the valve to open for the necessary time to deliver the correct flush volume. Flow rates are regulated by a proprietary flow regulator irrespective of pressure fluctuations (within the stated pressure range) SOLO-DFXL is supplied with a 1” BSP filter/ball valve on the inlet allowing valve isolation and strainer cleaning. Each valve is supplied with an approved vacuum breaker assembly to prevent back siphonage of water and a 40mm flush pipe with pan connector.


SOLO-DFXL is a low voltage controller using a standard 9VDC plug pack. A 230V 10A GPO is required within the wall cavity. Alternatively up to 4 controllers can be fed via a 4 way splitter, locating GPO in ceiling and running M/M extension cables to each controller via conduit. Splitter and cables must be specified at time of ordering. Where no splitter is used a 5m M/F extension cable is available to allow a single power pack to feed a single controller.


1” BSP connection to filter/ball valve on inlet 
Min pressure 100kPa dynamic
Max pressure 500kPa
Ideal pressure 300 kPa dynamic

NOTE: Pipe sizing depends on number of valves and available pressure. Pipes must be designed by a suitably competent person to enable a flow rate of not less than 80L/ min at a minimum dynamic pressure of 100kPa. Limited adjustment to valve opening times is possible through the electronic controller.