Warden WA4 Plumbing Control System
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Warden is a multi purpose electronic control system for ensuring ultimate security and economy of plumbing fixtures.  This coupled with our plumbing fixtures gives you a complete solution to every high security application (see stainless steel sanitaryware for fixtures).

Warden WA4 uses piezo electric switches to activate low voltage industry standard solenoid valves on plumbing fixtures.  Warden WA4 is mostly used for multi shower applications where the client is looking to provide limitations on shower run times, with lock out periods after use, such as;

- school washrooms & changerooms
- gymnasiums
- camp grounds
- swimming pool complexes

Warden WA4 uses simple plug to plug connections allowing a plumber only installations. It is programmed to the clients specification and offers DIP switch flexibility on program run times, giving the building owner the opportunity to modify the program after installation is completed.

Warden WA4 is a new generation of Warden controller with the special feature of being able to be connected to a computer giving the building owner the ability to monitor and control its use. As such it is mostly suitable for use in;

- prison cells
- police station cells
- courthouse cells
- mental health facilities

Warden allows control over the plumbing fixtures where vandalism, self injury, excessive water use and drug concealment can be major problems.