Waterguard Urinal Sensor
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Water Guard has been New Zealands preferred urinal water control system since 1985. Using microwave technology (rather than Infra-red) Water Guard has the ability to be installed behind a ceiling or wall lining making it an unobtrusive, vandal proof installation.

As Water Guard detects the general presence of someone in the toilet area, it cannot acheive more than a 1 Star green rating, according to the WELS criteria, however often the water use with Water Guard is less than individual sensors or push buttons. Water Guard detects movement of people using the urinals and sets up a sequence of flushing to suit. If no one is within the toilet area no flushing will occur, however after hours flushing is possible if required.


  • Detects presence of user , delays for short period and then flushes.
  • After hours flushing prevents trap dryout.
  • Suitable for installation with and without a cistern tank.
  • Ideal for large slab urinals or multiple bowls.


  • Vandal proof installation.
  • Adjustable cycle time (set by dip switch) allows for high or low use application.
  • After hours flushing ensures waste hygiene.
  • Simple plug system allows for easy maintenance.
  • High water saving compared to standard cistern tanks (at least 60%).