MacDonald Solo Electronic Shower Control
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The MacDonald SL-SH is from our SOLO range of piezo activated water controls. The SL-SH is a simple 1 button control designed to activate an ultra low voltage solenoid valve to enable use on shower systems that require limitations on run times ensuring showers self close after use. SL-SH is supplied in a format that suits installation where there is a duct space directly behind the shower controller or in a roof space above the shower. Remote solenoid and power pack installation is possible with optional extension leads. SL-SH is available in packs to suit 1, 2, 3 or 4 showers. See attached information on each pack.

SL-SH is supplied as a standalone product where tempered water is supplied via a quality thermostatic mixing valve or it can be combined with other MacDonald MS security products that offer features such as combination thermostatic or pressure balanced mixers and flow diverters (see separate literature).

The SL-SH controller is mounted behind a 120 x 120 face plate, and supplied with a double flush box, 6V DC power pack and 1 x 1/2” solenoid valve. Leads supplied with each controller require solenoid valve and 3 pin GPO to be within 4m of the piezo switch position. Where multiple showers are to be installed a 4 way power splitter is supplied allowing 1 power pack to distribute power to up to 4 controllers. Longer extension cables may be ordered to suit greater distances from splitter box to controller. Run time and delays before re-use (dead times) are adjustable using the 8 way switch within the Solo controller. See Installation Instructions for options.

Supplied complete with 1 x 1/2”M solenoid valve. Valve should be installed after mixing valve. 

Controller supplied with 4m leads to solenoid valve as standard. Optional 1m & 8m extension cables available.

Where multiple shower controllers are to be installed, up to 4 can be powered from only 1 power pack by using the
SL-PP-S4 splitter box. This is supplied with 4m extension cables as standard. Optional 8m cables available. See Page 2 for suggested installation details.

Power Pack supplied with 1m cable. 5m Power Pack to splitter box extension lead available (SL-PP-E5-MF).