Zurn Recessed Single Flush Valve
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Zurn ZH6152 is a concealed mounted toilet pan flush valve designed to be installed in a plumbing duct with a remote hydraulic push button mounted on the wall directly above the toilet pan.  Depending on the model of valve chosen, it may be installed connected to mains pressure water supply or from a non potable supply tank.

Pressing the button delivers a metered 6L flush (adjustable) irrespective of pressure variations.

Pipe sizing is essential to flush valve installation.  All mains pressure flush valves require flow rates of 90l/min at dynamic pressures of 150 - 500kP.  Where a non potable supply is available pipe design should be completed by a suitably qualified person to ensure 90l/min is available, pressure range 40 - 100kPa with 40mm isolator or 100 - 150kPa with 25mm isolator.

Also available in models to suit Belva and Stuart valve replacements.